Monday, November 26, 2012

Too Much

I wanna say some "sorries"

Sorry for all the changes I made.
Sorry if the cracks on our frame still appear.
Sorry I can't make you love me the way you used to.
Sorry if you feel happier with someone else.
Sorry if I can't make you smile.

Sorry for the broken heart.
Sorry I broke our bridge.
Sorry I'm not perfect.
Sorry for letting and not letting you go.
Sorry for my ego.

Sorry I can't control my feelings for you.
Sorry for thinking bout you everytime.
Sorry I keep bothering you with my texts and stuffs.
Sorry I get worried every second without you.
Sorry for caring too much.

Believe me,
I tried my best.
Sorry if it's not good enough.

Last apology.
I fall in love with you too hard,
sorry if it's too much.

always yours,

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