Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Badly Hesitated

Hello blog, it's me again. It's been a long time, so I think there are many things you'd missed.
About dance, school, holiday, love, friends. Lots of important stuffs in my life.
Okay, about dance, I'll post it later.
Anyway, we are preparing a dance for a church in Laurensia.
The team includes me, Tessa, Wendy, Ci Inez, Bagus, Rayon, Arthur.
We're crazy and ready to rock on the floor.
Oh, there will be an audition for the next O2 Dance Crew,
I think I'm gonna do the audition, but I'm not really sure with my self :s

School......... well nothing's special in this school. It's getting worse instead.
The rules, the teachers, they're making me sick.
Well, we're going to go to a "live in" on September, I hope we'll do it great.

Holiday, I visited GERMANY.
Yeah, one more time, GERMANY ♥
You know, I was lucky, cause I got a nice score at the A1 test so I can go to the sommerkurs.
I went to Bielefeld and had a lot of fun.
I can't explain it now cause it'll take forever to type it.
but I'll post about Bielefeld later.

Friends, well nothing's different, I mean, I have my old friends, "now" friends, and new friends from many different countries. (Thanks to Bielefeld)

well.... It's kinda complicated to write it here.
The point is, I'm now single.
Don't ask about my feeling cause I feel terribly confused.
I don't even know how I feel right now.
There are a lot of things to think and I'm so stressed.

Well, just wish me luck for my future, for my next destination, and college life.
Right now, I don't even know where should I study after this high school.
I guess I'm gonna take the faculty "Hospitality Management" or "Restaurant Management"
I don't know..........

I guess it's enough for now.
I'm in the last session of school today and I'm so tired.
Next I'll prepare for our independence day and maybe go to O2 dance studio.
Bye :)

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