Thursday, October 27, 2011

Football Superhero

well yeah, I got a task from my English Literature teacher.
We had to make an at least three-stanza poem.
Each stanza consists of four lines.
And we gotta use figurative languages.
I was looking for an inspiration,
while I saw XI IPS 1 out there, playing soccer.
Aaaaand, Gala was there too!
yeah. that's it :p
Here's the poem.
I'm not sure about the grammar,
so if there is any mistake,
just forgive my words :)

From a thousand miles I stare
One of twenty-two boys fighting for a ball
The one who runs as fast as a tiger
The one who attacks the goal angrily

His wet hair is a black pearl
With sweats running down his forehead
Touching his pretty eyelashes to his lips
And drop perfectly to kiss the grass

The way he stares at his victory
Sprinkles some joyful spirits
He would never throw in the towel
For he is a football superhero


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