Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear God.

God, I'm very sorry for blaming You all the time.
I know I'm not perfect. but so do the others.
I often think that my life ain't nice.
I think that I have no talent, 
that I can't make anybody proud,
that I can't be like "her".
And I do it very often.

God, I'm sorry for blaming my parents all the time.
I blame them for the economy things.
I blame them for any imperfection on me.
I blame them for any mistake in my activities.
And I seldom thank, about their kindness.

God, I'm sorry for being too fragile when I feel alone.
I know I have so many friends, although some of them hate me, 
or fake, maybe.
But on the other side, I know I need them,
I know there are true friends who sincerely love me.
Please, don't let them go from me, God.
Promise I'll fix myself so I wouldn't be so bad anymore to them.
So I can be a good friend, true friend, real friend, and even best friend.

God, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you gave me so many things.
I'm sorry for being weak when I know You made me strong.
Even when no one vote for me.
You give me someone.
Someone, who can make every single laugh I throw.
Someone, who can sing heaven's song for me, when I fall down.
Someone, who can make me feel that I'm worth.
Someone, whom  you've given a half of my soul.

God, please teach me and direct me to be the best of me.
I wanna make You proud.
I wanna make my parents and friends happy to be with me.
And once more, I wanna be the best of me.

God, I thank You from the bottom of my soul.
For my beautiful love.
For my various friends.
For my unique parents.
For my facilities.
For my hidden talents.
For all of your kindness.
And last but not least,
for letting me feel, that I am special.

w/♥,your mean child.     

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