Friday, August 26, 2011

August Chocolate

August is a month of chocolates!

starts from date 11, I made a chocolate for my boyf, Gala
because it was our 1/2 year relationship day! (:

then on date 17, we celebrated Indonesia's independence day.
just like last year, I participated paskibra.
and also got an expensive delicious chocolate from Suster Francesco,
It was Frey, with her sign! last year was Ritter Sport.

date 19, my mommy had her birthday.
I gave her a chocolate -- of course made by me :D

then I got a package of chocolate from my mom's friend.
she's from Amsterdam, and she brought me some chocolates from Swiss!
Jesus Christ I can't tell you how delicious it is, especially the "Creme Brule" one.

At the end of this month, i had a new brave idea to make chocolates with fillings.
I also made truffles nyum!
But it tasted great, and my dad loves it :9
and for the rest of the mixture, I made some cookies and crunchies.

I love chocolate till the death 

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