Sunday, July 24, 2011

such a random thing

When I was sinking in a darkness,
you raised me like a bright shining light.
When I almost thought that my life was just over,
you came to me and showed the true meaning of life.
You always bring some bright laughs,
even when I'm in a dark blue.
Your eyes, are the reminder in my heart,
which tells about love.
Yes, you are the love.


My heart is in spring.
Flowers are blooming,
Light wind is flowing my hair.
And every time you kiss me,
my heart hits the beat.
A love song heard,
and it turns me on.
Your hug, make it clear.
You're the blanket I've been searching in all my life.
To warm me all night,
to guide me every morning,
when I first open my eyes.


They said the first is unforgettable.
For me the last is essential.
They said the foundation is the base of all.
But without the roof it's such an imperfection.


I open my eyes
And all I see is you
I try to sing a song
And the melody is you

I wanna wake up my mind
But you're always lay there
When I feel something different
The difference's still about you

When I know nothing
Would you be my nothing?
When I want nothing
Would you be my nothing?

Cause every day I live
And every step I go
It's always been you.


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